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Sunday, October 23, 2005

just a thought

It's funny meeting people you haven't seen for years, only to find them as nice as you remembered, so you wonder why you don't see more of them. Then you remember that you have children and that mainly, your just their taxi driver, to get them safely from a to b and that you wouldn't have it any other way, as you know where they are.
This coming week, Mark and the girls are off to london for a few days ( his sister lives there) and Bethen has decided to do a power point presentation of the trip, so that I can enjoy the trip too. albeit afterwards. I look forward to seeing her new skill in action. Me, I will be having a quiet time at home, no one to runaround, no one to argue, with in fact I'll probably miss them terribly.
I also managed to scrape the side of my car on my own gatepost at 6.10am this morning as I left for work, it was dark,! so tomorrow( monday) I'll have to find out how much for repairs..

Monday, October 03, 2005

sunday lunch

Well my husband wants me to write about sticky toffee pud. I found a decent recipe on james martins website,( he is a tv chef over here in the uk ) though it was not difficult to make in fact quite straight forward, making it in my small kitchen was a little difficult, but my husband managed to not shout at me once, this is highly unusual as he has a big problem with sharing small places whilst making a meal (I usually stay out of the way).
I found myself disapointed with the results it was pleasent but far to rich and high in sugar for me to enjoy you have to add golden syrup and treacle as well as sugar and dates. So I have decided to revamp the recipe to make it less high in sugars so that my system can enjoy it better.
My mix for the yorkshire puds worked very well, but it is a recipe that can only be learnt by making them, as, though the ingredients can be written down, and the method followed, making a batter mix is just something that I now do without any measuring and it is the texture of my mix that I am looking for, all I can say is it now comes naturally to me after all these years of making mistakes, that I have now got it right. If at first you don't suceed try try again. At least that is how I cook.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

conversation at work

It's funny the things that you can say at work and then end up speaking to new people.
There I was waiting for the orders, when I saw the clock and said out loud oh look it's 5 past 5 it's friday so it must be Cracker Jack. Quite a few people laughed and said they never missed it and we spent a few mins thinking of our child hood tv programs, Lesley Crowther, the krankies most of it completely inane,but stilled made us smile. Whilst the younger generation looked on blankly. (This was before their time) . And yet only today this same program came up as one of the nurses (I work as a cook in the kitchens of a hospital) who was watching a nurse piled high with goods, and says" shall I add a pencil" to her and discovered that only a few people new what she meant.
This being a game from the show, for every correct answer a prize was awarded for every wrong answer a cabbage or some other bad item, if you were the last one standing with all the goods then you got to keep the prizes.
Well I suppose this just shows how old I am but as I don't mind it doesn't matter.

the green, green grass of home

Monday, September 05, 2005

Drinking culture

I have returned from a lovely day out with my family but feel I have to moan about the prices of soft drinks in eating places( yes my husband has in the past paid £4.60 for 3 halves of lemonade I personally would have told the man to keep them but he paid for them ) It seems that the drinking culture is pushed by the brewerys by making it more economical to get drunk on a night out than to stay sober though I have no objections to late night openings it would seem to me that these public houses have a responsibility to make other beverages available at a price that is not total rip off to the public We have the campaign for real ale may be its about time we had a campaign for soft drinks. And before you ask yes I do drink but my children are to young yet to cope with alcohol and if I am driving I dont want to drink but if a bottle of lemonade costs 70p and I am sure pubs get it cheaper than that well you do the math well ther goes my moan for the week I'll write another moan soon I'm sure

Thursday, September 01, 2005

squalid conditions

I think that if anything makes me feel thankfull for living in the U K it would be the destruction that Hurricane Katrina has done.
It made me feel that even the poor in our country have a higher standard of health care than those in Usa.
That they have now highlighted the divide between the haves & have nots.
I can not understand why buses were only laid on for the poor after the fact.
That these people have no water or food or shelter and that stopping looters has a higher priority than these.
On a lighter note does that mean petrol will go up here even more???

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

another day another dollar

Well another day of earning has gone by but as i'v just changed jobs, from weekly to monthly pay and my daughter starts high school, this will be a long month my new job is going ok but as I don't finish till 6.30pm I have to get my younger daughter looked after between 3.30-6.30pm which can cause a few headaches . My daughter Jayne goes into class 4 with no elder sister to boss her around. I find myself very tired now so i'll keep this short but i will point out that my husband set me up on this blogger site so he can take the blame for my ramblings

Hello World

Well I am starving hungry but tea is not ready yet